Recona birds is situated at no 10 Europa Str, Riebeeckstad, Welkom in the Free State.  Wynand Du Plessis is the sole owner.

He started with parrots in 1996 and although he lives in an urban area he has about 70 aviaries.  His specialty is mutation breeding. Currently he has the following mutations: Ring-necks, Lovebirds, Plumheads, Pennants, Alexandrines, Princess of Wales, Stanleys, Redrumps, Barnards, Golden Mantles, Conures.

He also breed with: Caiques, Derbyans, Galahs, Yellow Collared Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaws, Port Lincolns and Amazons like Blue Fronted, Yellow Crown and Double Yellow Headed.

Wynand is a member of PASA and his membership no is WP02.  He also serves on the exco of PASA and was Vice Chairman for 12 years.